Ontological Leadership Training, Coaching and Mentoring

Ontological Methods have evolved over the past 50 years and is the philosophical study of the nature of being and comes from two Greek words: Ontos, which means “being,” and Logia, which means “study”. Our courses are about what it means to be a leader.

Our Ontological approach offers a practice-based framework to lead effectively as one’s natural self-expression. There are millions of ideas about leading, leadership and leaders, which are largely based on describing the characteristics of leaders, but what makes our approach different is that it is practice-based and results in a new way of being. OntoLeader doesn’t teach just about leadership, rather it helps you develop the habits of effective leadership.

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Ontological Coaching has the power to shift your attitudes, perceptions and behaviors through the transformation of the way of being. You will gain value through the development of a different view of yourself and the world. Ontological Coaching is results oriented, generative in nature and requires you to practice being accountable for what occurs in your life. Learn with our experienced coaches on a 1-on-1 basis and gain insights that allows real time learning by you to immediately work more effectively with your colleagues and clients.

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Dan is our Curriculum Director, Senior Trainer and Coach

Dan is an Ontological Coach, Mentor and Teacher working with leaders and organizations worldwide. His background in education, 15 years as an Ontological Coach and 8 years delivering organizational training and coaching have prepared him for this work. His roles have included working internationally as COO and CEO of Newfield Network, USA, considered one of the premier coaching schools globally where he was also a Senior Course Leader for 8 years. Dan is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Dan has taught, presented and coached with leaders and organizations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South Africa, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Latin America and Jamaica.



Kim Ebinger, Curriculum Facilitator and Ontological Coach, USA


Mirko Kobiéla, Curriculum Facilitator, HR Leader, Talent Management Expert and Coach, Germany


Patricia Salwei, Curriculum Facilitator, Ontological Organizational Development Consultant and Coach, USA


Paul Swift, Curriculum Facilitator and Ontological Coach, UK



All organizations need skills of leadership, which include the ability to take a stand, declare a compelling vision, generate the mood that will support the task at hand and create celebration.  All of these can be achieved through our comprehensive transformational learning programs designed for small teams to large organization-wide groups. Our modular programs are well designed to deliver as off-the-shelf or custom options tailored to the needs, resources, culture and rhythm of the organization.

"We were exposed to ontological learning through a public program we attended as well as feedback from people in our networks who had been on the program. The results for our senior leaders has been nothing short of amazing and we certainly plan to continue the roll-out of ontological learning for leaders wider and deeper into the organization as part of an overall strategy to refresh our leadership thinking and leadership effectiveness."
Jesse Doorasamy
Executive Director, Human Resources / Group Five Construction Ltd, South Africa
"While working with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, as the Coaching and Executive Transition Program Manager, I had the good fortune to know and work with Dan Newby. Over the years, I have worked with many professionals in the field of human development. Dan Newby stands out as one of the best as he supports clients to discover their own path to greater well-being through new self-awareness and new practices, the fundamentals of ontological coaching."
Willa C. Gaitanis
Former Coaching Program Manager / NASA